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Here's Craig
While driving to Quinns place this afternoon Craig (from Exeter) pointed at the other side of the road and said "Is that the Googlemobile?". Initially thinking it was just a camera covered up on the side of the road I eventually agreed that it did indeed look like it was mounted on top of a car and when the lights moved green and we started moving, we saw the Google logo on the side of it. The camera on the roof is MUCH bigger than I expected. It was covered because it was raining and they weren't actually capturing images, but imagine red light traffic camera sized box bolted to the roof of the car. Maybe it is smaller underneath and it was just a big raincoat. They apparently captured Edinburgh a couple of months ago.


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I'm not really planning on posting a lot of entries here. I used to read friends lists but there was this ongoing problem on the owners of the friends lists being interested in things that I wasn't and eventually it became too much hard work. Plus there were promises of interesting friends locked posts in other people's journals so between these two things, I've finally been pushed over the edge.

If you'd like to hear what I'm up to, I live in the old paradigm of sending out emails every month or so. Get in touch and I'll tell you how to sign up.
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